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Real Destination Weddings for Two - Tobago Marriage Application

Tobago Marriage Application
Tobago Marriage Application
Making the application to marry in Tobago is an easy process for visitors from abroad, all that is required are your passports as proof of ID, and printed e-tickets as proof of entry. If either of you have been married before then you will need to bring original decree absolutes or death certificates as appropriate. That is it, unless you have special circumstances such as a different name from that of your passport, one partner being under 18, that sort of thing. Three forms are completed, one giving details of names, addresses and marital status, the others being oaths stating your name, occupation, age and local address and declaring that you are free to marry. You must be in Tobago (or Trinidad) for 3 full days before you can make the application.
There are other applications if one or both partners are resident in Trinidad & Tobago see, details of these marriage applications at

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