Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tobago beach weddings for two Raj & Laura

Tobago beach weddings for two
Tobago beach weddings for two

Tobago beach weddings for two. Raj from Trinidad & Laura from the UK enjoyed a beautiful wedding ceremony and fun photo shoot on Backbay beach, situated between Grange beach and Stonehaven beach. It is a delightful setting and usually a quiet beach, avoided by some due to the steep bank one has to climb down to access the beach. Backbay beach faces the Caribbean Sea and is, like other bays on this side of the Island a Leatherback Turtle nesting area. The groom worked hard setting up arch and decorations to give his bride the wedding she dreamed of. The couple enjoyed cake & champagne, climbing over volcanic rocks and dipping toes into the Caribbean Sea before retiring to Seahorse inn for a memorable meal. Simple, intimate and stress free - just how it should be. Our warm congratulations to Raj & Laura.

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Tobago beach weddings