Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pirate wedding at Englishman's Bay Tobago

Pirate wedding at Englishman's Bay Tobago

Cap'n Charles & Lady Susannah get spliced on Englishman's Bay in full pirate costume

Ahoy! If it ain't a gathering of pirates! Scallywags and scurvy dogs the lot of 'em. Captain Charles captured Lady Susannah and traveled from afar (Canada) to get spliced & 'jump the sword' on Englishman's bay, (a historical pirate hideaway). Ay me harties, a mighty fine time was had by Cap'n 'n' Lady Susannah & the sea dogs that joined them. An accord was struck by plague-infested Messdeck, the grog flowed 'n' more than one landlubber left three sheets to the wind!

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